We are a volunteer group dedicated to sharing the unique voices of Vancouver's East of Main community.



Welcome to EastVanLove

In 2008 Ajay Puri and Andriy Mishchenko started EastofMain.com - a community blog to document the evolving times of East Vancouver. Over time the project has evolved as well into hosting ongoing Tweetups to pride local #eastvan champions.

In 2013, this grassroots collective changed names to Eastvanlove and the organizing team has grown! The group now includes Ajay, Mike D, Kimie Ong, Nicolb, Wells, Anita, Evi, and Ariella. 



Spread the EastVanLove

We would like this site to be true to the area we live in. We also want it to give voice to different, untapped perspectives on life in Vancouver and the world at large. We’d love to hear from you — your comments, questions, ideas on contributions are all welcome at blog@eastofmain.com


What is EastVanLove?

Practically overnight, Vancouver’s Main Street has become the ‘hip’ area of town, complete with trendy bars, restaurants, and shops. The same kind of gentrification has been slow to reach areas further East of Main. East of Main is our community — with a strong visible minority presence, a  progressive worldview, and solid working class roots.