candles Candles for Progress Vancouver:  This Thursday December 4, 2008, Vancouverites will be part of the thousands of Canadians who are lighting a candle to show their support for a Liberal-NDP coalition government.

"Tomorrow evening we'll be gathering rallying outside Canada Place from 5 to 6pm then heading into the rally being held by numerous organizers at Canada Place. We will be lighting candles to support the formation of a coalition government that will reflect the values of the majority of Canadians who voted," said event organizer Ajay Puri.

"This is a nation wide movement of hope - hope for a different type of politics in Canada. The type of politics that puts cooperation before partisan bullying, especially in times of crisis," said Puri.

Candles for a Coalition is part of a national series of events being organized by the non-partisan citizen engagement group, Canadians for a Progressive Coalition.

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition is a non-partisan citizen engagement group that was formed after the last election to build grassroots support for a coalition government. After a small start with two students from the University of Victoria, co-founders Kyle Artelle and Jamie Biggar, the campaign has quickly spread across the rest of the country. To date over 17,000 Canadians have signed the online petition in support of a coalition government. By the end of the week this number is expected to double.

"Over 60 per cent of voters cast their ballots for parties with progressive platforms, yet with 37 per cent of the vote, the Conservatives behave like they have 100 per cent of the power," said campaign organizer, Kyle Artelle.  "This is an opportunity for a government that will truly represent the majority of Canadians."

The Vancouver event will be taking place:

Outside Canada Place


Other Details: we will be marching to Canada Place with candles in hand, speakers will also be in attendance

Full details of this event and other events across the Nation can be found at

If you'd like to attend or help with organizing the event please contact:

Ajay Puri Regional Organizer Canadians for Progressive Coalition Phone: 778-288-7874 | Email:

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