This week Vancouver city council is considering a pilot having car-free Sundays this coming summer in various neighbourhoods across Vancouver: including Main St.s very own Punjabi Market (between 49th and 53rd). Commercial drive already enjoys the car-free days. Having no cars on the street allows people to walk and shop more comfortably. It encourages shoppers to explore the area at leisure, increases the profits of the local merchants and also saves the environment. Overall having car-free Sunday's will be good for the area socially, economically and environmentally.

Car-free days are common annually around the world. They attract large crowds and give the area a festive atmosphere. Although some merchants are worried they might not be good for business. "Newly elected city councilor and environmental advocate Andrea Reimer wants the city to organize car-free days every Sunday for three months. The proposal was part of the Vision Vancouver platform during the recent civic election campaign."

Some people seem to be for it and others not so much. The area on Main street with a high concentration of Punjabi businesses is referred to as the Punjabi Market or District. Both Commercial drive and Punjabi Market are being considered at the moment although Ms. Reimer thinks any area that wants car free Sundays should be considered.

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AuthorWells Stringham