Carancho Film ReviewCarancho. Film Review by Andriy Mishchenko
Sunday Oct. 10, 9:30pm @ Park Theatre (1181 Seymour St.)
Tuesday Oct. 12, 2:20pm @ Granville 7 (855 Granville St.)
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Carancho (Vulture) is a good old-fashioned crime thriller, done right. Ricardo Darin is always a strong character actor, as we've already seen in Kamchatka, The Secrets in Their Eyes, XXY, etc etc. His lead performance here is him at his best.

A vulture - ambulance chasing lawyer - by trade, Sosa (Darin) falls for a beautiful, troubled paramedic. Deciding he's had enough of his parasitically spending nights exploiting victims and their grief, he decides to quit to be with her. Of course, escaping a life filled with shady characters and large debts is easier said than done ...

I would love to break down the course of events more, but that would totally ruin the film for you. Suffice it to say the story captivates, and the cinematography and acting are top notch. Seasoned director Pablo Trapero delivers a solid film. While no masterpiece, it's a neat and enjoyable production.

I would warn those that are sensitive that the film is pretty graphic (but not gratuitous - violence/gore isn't just thrown in here for its own sake).

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