Valentine's Day is a day where people come together to celebrate love. It's also a day to show appreciation to those who have touched our lives and communities in so many ways. A great way to celebrate this day is at the Love Umbrella Project Celebration Party. There will be drinks, great people, and an exhibition of all the wonderful photos (including one we created on your behalf).

February 14th
848 West Hastings
If you can make it, RSVP to
The proceeds go to Leave Out Violence – a non-profit anti-violence organization that empowers young people to tell their stories through multimedia arts projects.

#EASTVANLOVE: Where do you see the love in Vancouver?

On a cold, wet Sunday evening, EastVanLove organizers Ajay Puri, Kimie Ong, Evi Vassious and many bold and courageous people participated in the Love Umbrella Project photoshoot at Spanish Banks. The photoshoot was simply magical. It was an amazing evening on the beaches of Spanish Banks. We wanted to keep to our core values of being fun, positive and inclusive. What better way than to go to the beach at night and enjoy it in its natural beauty! The photoshoot was filled with unconditional love and connection. We experimented with the umbrellas and various light sources including glow sticks, flashlights and sparklers. The main thing we wanted to do is show our love and gratitude to Mother Nature, our city and to one another. We were blessed to be partnered with photographer Tracey Ayton. She was able to easily show how the people and natural beauty of Vancouver bring life to the city

Sufis say the moon is like a mirror to our soul and a reflection of who we are — that night she overpowered the clouds and showed her unbelievable radiance and beauty. It seems she was simply reflecting the wonderful energy that was shown on the beach — I’m ever so grateful to all of you who came and participated in the social experiment that night. You are all amazing souls that have illuminated my life and the city around us. And special thanks goes to Tracey and Madeline for capturing the essence of our message and the moment!

What need does your community fulfill?

We are made up of networks that are interconnected (networks here refer to established non-profit organizations and grassroots movements). Through these diverse networks we support our work and the communities we serve. The following is a sample of some networks and the need they fulfill:

#EastVanLove ( – is a network and our mission is to pride our neighbourhood and the people who live, study or work within it. With the gentrification that is happening in the area, it’s important we honor the past but embrace a future that includes all members of the communities. Thus our mandate is to promote non-profit organizations and businesses that have their values embedded in social justice and environmental sustainability. We live our mission through our online means (hosting a website and leveraging social tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube) and hosting Tweetups (in-person events bringing together those who tweet and do not tweet) that celebrates our local champions.

Bee Vancity ( – is a network and our mission is to Build, Engage and Empower Vancouver, through promoting honey sweet events. Vancouverites according to a recent Vancouver Foundation report are feeling more isolated these days and many refer to the city as a NoFunCouver. Our aim is to disprove these feelings and foster a more vibrant and stronger community. In the hive we have many bees where we curate a weekly event listing guide but do so with a twist – instead of being a complete listing, each bee individually selects there top event of the week along with honorable mentions. In this way we share each of our lens on the events that follow our mission (e.g., we have  bees who focus more on fun events, and others that are social justice, DIY, or arts & culture focused). RangiChangi Roots ( – is a registered non-profit and our aim is to bring colour to the green movement. Rang in hindi, Punjabi, Nepalese and Farsi refers to colour, Rangichangi is a play on words which means diversity of colours. When coupled with Roots, our hope is to allow for the spread of diverse views to help us all of us reconnect to one another and the planet around us. We have hosted dialogues which include compelling stories shared by speakers or films which deal with the environment from diverse cultural perspectives and addressing provocative questions that have been posed to us including “Why is the green movement so White?”

CoopCulture ( – is a social experiment to bring a nuanced dialogue to address the two questions “what does multiculturalism in our communities really mean and how do we envision a more inclusive, stronger society?” We have hosted dialogues and use our website to facilitate dialogue on this topic. We do not have answers but pose provocative questions for the community to answer in order to empower everyone to transform.

BC Patient Safety & Quality Council ( - is where Ajay currently works full-time. They are an arms length entity from the Ministry of Health and their mandate is to improve the quality of care British Columbians receive in the health care system. Our hope is to support the system in this journey of improvement and ensure everyone receives the best care, no matter where. Huge gratitude to our supporters and partners – there are many organizations and individuals we are indebted to for their generous support. For the purposes of the #LoveUP project, we had partner representation from individuals who are involved in various movement-based groups that are involved in one or more the following: tackling systemic issues, having social events, strengthening our hearts, and heighten our spiritual awareness.

What’s important about your community?

What is important is staying true to our core values. Our work is rooted in caring for the planet and each other. We believe that the work we do must be fun, positive, and inclusive. And our process is to be organic.

We try to have fun while planning our initiatives and ensure everyone that participates has fun as well. In our meetings we try to have them around food either as potlucks at someone’s house or at restaurants that take pride in the food they make. At our events even though they touch on serious issues in our society we try to frame them in a way to ensure they are engaging, two-way and in light-hearted ways so all can participate and no one feels left out. Added to this we know there are problems in our world and its always easy to criticize and point out what’s wrong. However, we feel that keeping things positive provides hope to people and that there are possibilities outside the current system that we must go to. We attempt members to dream what our society could like and help support them to plan to get there. We also seek to be inclusive. Equity, diversity and ensuring everyone has a fair chance to participate and grow is paramount to the work we do. We try to our best to ensure our work goes to the inter – that is, intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary. This is because we feel that that is where the answer of true love can be found. Incorporating multiple views from various perspectives makes this work very challenging, but when done right the outcomes are truly rewarding.

As an example when we (Coop Culture) organized a dialogue to showcase how online tools are helping ethno-culturally diverse communities connect within and between communities we were thrilled to have a sold out event and a great discussion. However, what truly impressed us was something we didn’t plan for or expect. A twelve year old female attendee who attended the event approached one of the speakers after the event and told him that she was inspired with the work he was doing to educate non-Filipinos to learn Tagalog that she herself would like to do this when she grows up as to not lose connection to her heritage. The speaker asked the young girl how she came to the event and to his surprise she answered by herself as it was posted on Facebook and it sounded more interesting than what she would normally be doing on a weekday evening.

Other examples – At Eastvanlove and RangiChangi Roots we do not ask for a set entrance charge but ask for donations, either financially or in volunteering, and ensure our events are open to all. We partner with organizations that have the same value set. And at Bee Vancity we tend to find events that are low barrier and promote those.

To have initiatives that are challenging problems of our time and thought-provoking we try to keep our process is organic. We constantly evolve our work and processes by learning what went well and what didn’t go well. As Mother Nature teaches us we need to be agile and adaptable otherwise we won’t thrive and reach our fullest potential. As an example for each Tweetup we host at EastVanLove, we have evolved the format based on each of the themes we have wanted to have. Sometimes we have more champions speaking, and sometimes less. Sometimes we have panel discussions afterwards and sometimes we have music. But keeping true to our values we ensure our events are engaging and participatory. At our last Tweetup that we held in December 2012 at the East of Main Café we had three speakers share stories of why they were passionate about their work (including Maureen who spoke to Project Limelight). After the speakers told their inspiring stories we asked attendees that if they were inspired instead of just giving money to these organizations they could give the their hearts – literally.  That is, those that were interested we asked them to write what skills they wanted to offer on a heart-shaped paper. The response was overwhelming as most of the attendees shared their heart.


Our core values of being fun, positive and inclusive can be summed in what the South Asian cultures use in their cooking of curries, masala. Creating fresh masala is most definitely an art. One needs to bring together various spices (from very subtle flavours to very strong) to produce something that tantalizes the senses in multiple ways more so than just having a single spice in a dish.  In the same way through these interconnected networks and communities we seek to liven and spice up Vancouver in hopes to spread love and happiness. As masalas are a combination of various spices there are an indefinite number of variations one can create. What masala do you think Vancouver needs? Experiment. Evolve. Share. Let’s spice up our city!

AuthorWells Stringham

Brock Tully - Kindness Foundation Kindness Foundation: Brock Tully (@KindnessConcert / @BrockTully)

Brock Tully is co-founder of Kindness Foundation of Canada which has on-line programs that show ways we can be kinder at school, at work, and at home. He is the Founder/Creative Director of the World Kindness Concert. He is a co-founder of Kindness Rocks in Schools - this program brings awareness to bullying and abuse and empowers people to help prevent it from happening. He is also Founder/Producer of One of a KIND Stories.

“Kindness” is Brock’s passion and his purpose. He touches lives, instilling joy and planting seeds that will help you to develop your own ability to give. With his contagious energy, he stimulates audiences to act with compassion in your own communities, schools and workplaces. He weaves magic with reflection, bringing love into audiences’ hearts by shifting moods and perspectives.

Evergreen: Helen Beynon (@EvergreenBC / @HBeynon)

Helen Beynon has been the Community Development Coordinator at Evergreen BC since the spring of 2011 – in that time, she has learned more than she ever imagined possible about composting, garlic growing, and English ivy removal. Her job rewards her with new surprises every day, and she especially loves seeing kids expressions when they get to harvest their first zucchinis.  Before coming to Evergreen, Helen worked on various sustainability and community development projects in South America and the South Pacific. When not playing in the dirt professionally, Helen can be found climbing rocks in Squamish.

Project Limelight Society: Maureen Webb (@ProjLimelight)

Sisters Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver founded Project Limelight Society to give back to the East Vancouver community where they were raised. In July 2012, they launched East of Main Cafe which supports Project Limelight, both financially and through a food security program, providing healthy meals and snacks to their young participants. Project Limelight Society is a free performing arts program for children in Vancouver’s DTES and surrounding areas. East of Main Cafe is a social enterprise, and 100% of its profits go towards supporting Project Limelight Society.  Project Limelight operates out of their new location, above East of Main, and at Strathcona Community Centre, a few blocks away.

AuthorWells Stringham
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EastVanLove 6.5 was awesome! Thank you for coming!

Top-Bottom, Left-Right: Jeremy Lim, Ariella Fong, Jorge Amigo, Juliane Siu, Mike Despotovic, Anita Oh, Derek Weiss, Evi Vassious, Kimie Ong, Ajay Puri (Photo by Sukhraj Battal) Thank you all for joining us at EastVanLove Vol. 6.5!

We've got photos and other goodies to relive that energetic evening or to share with you in case you missed the event.

In this newsletter:

1. A Recap of EastVanLove Vol. 6.5

2. Calling for ideas for EastVanLove Vol. 7, “Giving Back”



We hope you all had a chance to mix and mingle with the new EastVanLove team and other compatriots who live in or just simply love, the neighbourhood of East Vancouver.

SNAPSHOTS! We had two very talented photographers Sukhraj Battal (@SukhrajB) and Akshay Kanwar (@axepsy) document the entire evening. View the photos on our brand new Facebook page - feel free to tag yourself in the photos and share them with your friends!

INTERVIEW with Kristie Yung

Ariella Fong (@AriellaFong) interviewed the talented local folk singer, Kristie Yung, who performed a few songs from her new album. Check out the interview: Ella Fitzgerald meets Taylor Swift


A BIG THANK YOU to our co-host, speakers and musical guests...

Jorge Amigo / Derek Weiss / Myriam Steinberg / Jeremy Lim / Kristie Yung

… and to our Sponsors!

BeeVancity, Ethical Deal, This is Vancity, Yelp, and Toby’s Pub & Grill (kudos to Ben the bar manager and Terri the manager!). A big thanks to the young Button Brothers (can you believe these brothers are only 6 and 10?) and Mitmunk Design for donating their button making machine. A shout out to our lovely volunteer Evi for helping everyone make their very own EastVanLove keepsake buttons!

CALL FOR IDEAS for EastVanLove Vol. 7 ‘Giving Back’

We want to ‘Give Back’ at our next tweetup happening in early December.The holidays are just around the corner so we thought it would be great to give back to our fellow neighbours and Vancouverites.

Things like doing a soup kitchen, giving out fresh fruits, or doing some other sort of volunteering -- we’re open to ideas!

Tweet us @EastVanLove your ideas with the hashtag #EVL7 or email us.

Nominations close October 15.

AuthorWells Stringham
How time flies! We want to thank you all again for joining us at EastVanLove Vol. 6. We've got photos, videos and other goodies to relive that awesome evening!Social innovators rise above every hurdle and boundary to reach their goal of making the local and global community a better place. We hope that this Social Innovation Tweetup has inspired you to think of ways you can be more actively involved in our community.

In this post: 1. A Recap of EastVanLove Vol. 6 "Social Innovation" 2. Unveiling of our NEW EastVanLove logo. What did you choose for us? 3. Calling for speakers for EastVanLove Vol. 7! Read on to find out what the next theme will be!


We’ve collaborated with freelance videographer, Lena Franford (@LenaFranford), for this volume of EastVanLove and she did an amazing job recording the event!  She truly captured the EastVanLove energy!

SNAPSHOTS! The very talented Sukhraj Battal (@SukhrajB) documented the entire evening which you can view in our Flickr pool. Feel free to tag yourself in the photos and share them with your friends!

A FEW WORDS... Ariella Fong (@AriellaFong) from Vancouver Observer wrote a few remarkable articles covering EastVanLove Vol. 6 and on the presenters. Have a read on your lunch break or frankly, any time at all!

OTHER WAYS WE COVERED THE EVENT: COVER IT LIVE -- Interested in all the tweets from the event and not just the best? Here are all your tweetsfrom this great night! SLIDESHARE -- Wanted to review the presentations? Check them out on Slideshare!

A BIG THANK YOU to our Speakers… Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw / @Luna_gal@Luna_Diva Geoff Bowers / @freegeekvan Jacob Hunter / @jacobhunter Naomi Steinberg / @VSOstorytelling Jenna Herbut / @makeitshow

…Musical Guests… Little T / @reallittletmc Pat Lok / @pat_lok / DJ Cyclist / @cyclistmusic / Atma /

…and to our Sponsors! It’s Saul GoodYelpBee VancityThis is Vancity

A very gracious THANK YOU to our host Calabash Bistro (@CalabashBistro).

And now, presenting our new EASTVANLOVE LOGO! You voted, we listened, so here it is!

Check out the contest that occurred here. Any thoughts or ideas on our new look? Let us know!

CALL FOR IDEAS: EastVanLove vol. 7 We’re excited to announce that we're aiming for the next EastVanLove Tweetup to be held at the end of September in conjunction with Social Media Week! The theme, as voted by you, will be "the History of East Vancouver" We want your speaker ideas! Have a local hero doing amazing work in East Van? Do you know someone with a rich knowledge of our past? Are you itching to share your stories and experiences of East Van and its history? Tweet us @EastVanLove or email us!

Nominations close August 31.

AuthorWells Stringham
What do reusable menstrual pads, dealing with e-waste, the resurgence of the DIY movement, and smoking dope have to do with East Van? Come and hear these stories at the next volume of #Eastvanlove! East of Main is proud to present EastVanLove Tweetup Vol. 6 Social Innovation next Tuesday, May 29.
Thank you all for helping us sell out -- we couldn't believe the tremendous response! Within 25 hours, all tickets were gone!
We've got the lineup and some last minute tips right here:


5:30 PMish - Doors open (come have a drink, grab a seat and mingle!) 5:30 PMish - DJ set by DJ Cyclist
6:30 PM - Program starts (sharp, don't be late!)

Welcome by Ajay Puri (co-founder, East of Main) + Sean Peters (President, Global Catalyst Initiative)

Calabash Welcome - Sam Wilcocks (Calabash Bistro)
Social Innovator 1 Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw (Lunapads)
Social Innovator 2 Geoff Bowers (Free Geek)
Social Innovator 3 Jacob Hunter (420)
Social Innovator 4 Naomi Steinberg (Vancouver Society of Storytelling)
Social Innovator 5 Jenna Herbut (Make It Productions)
Panel Discussion (Short and tweet style!)
Closing remarks
8:15 PMish - Live Freestyle performance by Little T! 8:25 PMish - DJ set by DJ Pat Lok

9:30 PM - Return of the Stern. Live Acid Jazz (Calabash afterparty - $5 cover charge)

Speakers Want to know more about our presenters? Read up on them here!

Last Minute Tips

  • Admission is for ticket holders only. At the door we'd love a donation! We are a volunteer-based group and so any amount would be greatly appreciated to keep #EastVanLove going!
  • Come early to save a seat!
  • Stay for the afterparty at 9:30pm; we've got some acid jazz! ($5 cover)
  • IF you are UNABLE To come, we have 20 people already on the waitlist, so either cancel your ticket or email us so we can release your ticket for others to enjoy! :)
AuthorWells Stringham

EastVanLove vol.6 Social Innovation

May 29, 2012 (Tuesday)
Calabash Bistro, 428 Carall Street
Eventbrite | Facebook event page

About EastVanLove vol.6 Social Innovation

Vancouver’s East side is a hotspot for creative innovation and entrepreneurship. Bright minds and rich ideas shine far and wide over the bustling cityscape we call our home. On May 29th, 2012, join us at Calabash Bistro (428 Carrall Street) for the sixth volume of EastVanLove: Social Innovation.

Social Innovation can be defined as new concepts and organizations that meet social needs to extend and strengthen society.

By harnessing creative solutions in response to social problems, Vancouver’s social innovators rise above every hurdle and boundary to reach their goal of making the local and global community a better place. Join EastVanLove as we celebrate the great ideas that have made a beneficial impact on this city and the world.


Musical Guests:

A big, big THANK YOU to our sponsors!

Vancouver gift baskets Yelp BeeVancity This is Vancity

It's Saul GoodYelpBeeVancityThisisVancity

AuthorWells Stringham
Lunapads: Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw (@Luna_Gal @Luna_Diva)

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens are the co-founders of Lunapads, an East Vancouver based company offering sustainable alternatives to disposable feminine hygiene products. Used by women in over 40 countries worldwide, the use of Lunapads has diverted over 1 million pads and tampons from landfills every month.

Madeleine and Suzanne have been acknowledged with several awards, such as BC Business magazine's Top 20 most innovative companies and recently the Global Women's Summit Leadership Award, for their social innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

Free Geek: Geoff Bowers (@FreeGeekVan)

Much of Geoff's background revolves around education, from camp counseling to ESL. He taught high school social studies and computers public in the North West Territories for 4 years. Once he paid off his student loans, he returned to Vancouver looking for a job invoking computers and education.

Geoff Bowers found Free Geek by chance on Craigslist in the summer of 2009. Free Geek takes all working and non-working computer equipment where its volunteers share tech knowledge plus the reusable hardware furnishes computers for non-profit organizations.  Despite going through organizational growing pains, Free Geek gives Geoff his tech and education fix and he strongly feels it's a great fit for him.

420: Jacob Hunter (@JacobHunter) Jacob Hunter is a political consultant and advocate for drug policy reform, social justice and environmental sustainability based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He is the founder and administrator of the drug policy activist website and is the Managing Organizer of the Vancouver 420 rally, as well as the Vancouver Cannabis Day rally. Jacob has also provided extensive communications support for medical marijuana dispensaries across Canada.

He also serves as the Vice-Chair of the City of Vancouver Active Transportation Advisory Council, and sits on the Board of Directors of the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), and the Pivot Foundation.

Vancouver Society of Storytellers: Naomi Steinberg (@VSOStorytelling)

For Naomi Steinberg, connecting with four year olds is as marvelous and unique an experience as connecting with 84 year olds - both are possible through storytelling. The past 13 years of her life have been closely focused on community engagement and performance and in her own words “to be a storyteller, first you have to be a story-listener”.

In her current role as Artistic Director of the upcoming "what stories are made of" Storytelling Festival (June 8-10), Naomi intends to foster an appreciation of the art in all of its aspects and applications, for audiences of allsorts!

Make It Productions: Jenna Herbut (@makeitshow)

It all started with a Booty Belt. Jenna Herbut started selling these belts right after her graduation at the University of Alberta, in over 120 boutiques across Canada, USA and Japan. The thrill of growing her business allowed Jenna to experience a lot of things such as becoming a pro at PR and getting her Booty Beltz in numerious magazines. Eventually, Jenna transitioned from selling her belts wholesale to directly to customers at crafts shows. Eager to change the stereotype of boring craft shows, Jenna made it her mission to make her own fun DIY show.

The inspiration for Make It Productions is to create a show where one would want to sell at. Why not make a craft show more like party? Adding booze, DJs and live music, creating a fresh and appealing view of craft shows. Make It is almost on its 5th year and has been growing exponentially every year

Jenna also launched Make It University for those who want to bump up their business skills and be successful in doing what they love.

AuthorWells Stringham
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Hai Phong was packed!

We hope everyone who came out to #EastVanLove Vol.5 - Food in Your Community had a lot of fun! We sure did. Missing the energy from the event? Or completely missed the event? Don't worry we have you covered:

PICTURES By the uber talented @JeremyLim ( and Aida from @ThisIsVancity ( Feel free to tag yourself in the photos or share them with your friends. If you have any pictures feel free to add it to our Flickr pool - let's keep the EastVanLove energy alive!

STORIFY #EastVanLove trended in CANADA because of your love! We created a storify to capture our favourite tweets.

EVENT WRITEUP Featured in the Vancouver Observer: From earth to esophagus, EastVanLove Tweetup #5 focused on food written by Kelly Jean Marion (@KellyJean247 for @BeeVancity) - Thanks Kelly!

Also check out this super awesome blog post from Rick Chung on Vancouver is Awesome!
SLIDESHARE part 1part 2part 3 Curious about that food thing Richard spoke about? Need to know more about Annika's desserts + dance event, INDULGE & DANCE? Peek into our presenters' slides to learn more!

VIDEO We have videos of some of our speakers! Thanks @ThisIsVancity!

Thanks again to: Our speakers @FreshRootsFarm @BreweryCreekGdn @VanFoodster @SocialBites @HarvestUnion Our sponsors @GoPopcorn @Yelp_Vancouver @ThisIsVancity @BeeVancity Our food @YummyWorkshop @JenellParsons @HyggeligBaking Hai Phong Our volunteers @marghernandez_ @jamielee_ong Our cat-obsesses lady @AmyCulture We couldn't have had a more amazing event without you!

If you have any comments or suggestions to make the next #EastVanLove better, tweet us @EastVanLove!

PS: Thought we forgot? You voted and we listened - our next EastVanLove tweetup will be about SOCIAL INNOVATION (Not cats. Sorry Amy... unless you have a social venture idea about them!). HELP! We're looking for speakers - know anyone who is saving the world but also making money? Send suggestions our way and we'll connect with them (email and tweet via #EastVanLove) Keep your eyes peeled! We've got more love in store for you.
AuthorWells Stringham

Don't you worry! There's still a chance for you to get in!We'll be opening our doors at 6PM. Hang around Hai Phong.

If seats are not filled by 6:30PM, we'll be letting some lucky people in.

If we are at capacity by 6:30PM, we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate you. But stick around because by 8PM (when the program ends), everyone is welcome to come in!

Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

AuthorWells Stringham
#EastVanLove is happening in 4 days! Gosh, we're excited! Here's the schedule and a few quick reminders about the event.

6:00 - Doors open. Come early to save a seat!
6:30 - Program starts, doors close
6:40 - Welcome to Hai Phong!
6:44 - Ilana Labow, Fresh Roots Farm
6:52 - Rebecca Brooke and Sarah Farina, Brewery Creek Garden
7:00 - Annika Reinhardt, Social Bites
7:15 - Richard Wolak, VanFoodster
7:23 - Michael Leung, Harvest Grocery
7:30 - Panel discussion
7:50 - Closing remarks

If you have a ticket but you are unable to attend Please let us know so other people on the waitlist can go! Email to cancel.

You can also tune in to the event via:
Twitter - hashtag #EastVanLove

Lastly, one of our lovely speakers, Annika from Social Bites, is hosting an event called INDULGE & DANCE, an after-dinner party featuring seven of Vancouver's up-and-coming pastry chefs who are offering their divine treats for you to sample and enjoy. After indulging you can dance the night away to some of your favourite 80s/90s tunes presented by Girls on Wax. It's a great to way to meet and mingle with other foodies in town, PLUS as an EastVanLover, you get $2 off your ticket! (Use promo code eastvan - only applies to regular tickets) Check out the event, and say hi to Annika on Thursday! Indulge & Dance | April 14, 8:30pm | W2 Media Cafe | Details
AuthorWells Stringham

Here's the list of speakers presenting at the EastVanLove tweetup vol. 5. To learn more about the event, click here.

Annika Reinhardt /

Annika Reindhart is the force behind Social Bites Networking Services which offers culinary adventures in Vancouver. Social Bites dining excursions created quite the buzz. It helps connect aspiring hobby chefs with enthusiastic foodies to a unique dinner or brunch experience that takes place in private kitchen around the city. She’s also ventured into an after-dinner event highlighting the sweeter things in life called “Indulge n’ Dance.”

Ilana Labow /

Ilana Labow loves being a neighbourhood farmer. As the co-founder and director of Fresh Roots Urban Farm, her wide range of experience comes from community centres, vocational skill development and working with people who use sustainable agricultural methods to build with cultivate. When not playing in the fields, Ilana dances, laughs and loves drinking coffee on her stoop.

Richard Wolak /

Richard Wolak is the founder and editor of, a blog he founded in July 2009. He has been writing about food since 1993 and was a co-author of many books namely, Vancouver’s Best Espresso Spots, Oregon’s Hot Java and Cafes Vancouver. He has written articles for newspapers, online sites and has been featured in numerous media in regards to food, wine and specialty coffee. In March 2012, he became the columnist of “Bar Stars” in Vancouver View Magazine. He will be launching his latest book this spring “Vancouver Foodster’s guide to dining in Vancouver.” In his spare time, he enjoys dining out, seeing films, listening to music and traveling.

Rebecca Brooke & Sarah Farina / Brewery Creek Garden@BreweryCreekGdn

Brewery Creek Community Garden is a project steered by a friendly bunch from the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Their goal was to help meet the increasing demands for urban agriculture while building community. The garden is in its early stages of development with a complete design and a fundraising underway. Presenting on behalf of the garden are Rebecca Brooke, who works in health policy, and Sarah Farina, who loves gardening especially healing plants and flowers.

Michael Leung / Harvest Grocery/This Space@HarvestUnion

Michael Leung was born and raised in East Van. In September 2011, Michael Leung and his friend Josh Michnik threw a ping pong table into an empty retail space that launched a project called This Space. The project asked the community in the Chinatown/Strathcona neighbourhood to cast their votes on what kind of business should go into a small retail space located on Union Street. The end result was “Harvest.”

AuthorWells Stringham

Food in your Community March 22, 2012 Hai Phong 1246 Kingsway, Vancouver GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

What is #EastVanLove vol.5 about?

Among food carts and fine dining, many of us overlook the delectable culinary gems hidden in our own neighbourhood. On March 22nd, the fifth volume of the EastVanLove Tweetup is about “Food in Your Community”. After all, Vancouver is undoubtedly famous for its ethnic diversity, innovative cuisines, and strong West Coast tradition. Join EastVanLove as we explore the communities east of Main Street and discover a world of sustainability, urban farming, social dining, and collaborative food development.


What is #EastVanLove?

#EastVanLove is a hashtag that links like-minded tweets together on Twitter, and allows us to share information and to have conversations about our love for East Vancouver, its culture, and its community!

What is a tweetup?

A tweetup is an event where people who tweet come together to meet in person.

Who should attend?

Anyone who loves the East Vancouver community. (You don't necessarily have to live there. You just need to love it!)

Show your East Van Love by joining us on March 22nd!

Check out our Facebook event page!

Tweet your love with #EastVanLove.

Brought to you by:


Kimberly Ong (@kimieong)

Stephanie Chua (@steph_chua)

Ajay Puri (@masalapuri)


About Hai Phong

1246 Kingsway, Vancouver

Event Specials

  • Spring Rolls - $6 for 6 rolls
  • Salad Rolls / Tofu rolls - $5.50 for 2 rolls
  • Garlic Butter Chicken Wings -  $9.95 for 1 dozen
  • Pho Tai (rare beef) $7.50
  • Pho Tai Nam (rare beef + beef brisket)  $7.50
  • Pho Tai Bo Vien (rare beef + beef ball)  $7.50
  • Lemon Grass Chicken on Rice  $8.50
  • Grilled Pork Skewer, Spring Roll, And Shredded Pork With Vermicelli
  • Pop $1.75
  • Beer $4.00
AuthorWells Stringham

Holy Moly what an event - we had over 150 east van lovers come through at our #eastvanlove tweetup!Check out #eastvanlove via our Flickr Pool [Thx to John Biehler, Jeremy Lim, HNBD, Sean Stiller] #eastvanlove

photo credit: John Biehler

Check out #eastvanlove in the MEDIA [Georgia Straight]!

MAD PROPS to all you east van lovers who made it such a fun night!!

+ DID YOU KNOW - you all tweeted so much #eastvanlove trended #1 in Canada!!

Special thanks to our speakers + sponsors: * Shane Gibson (and Audience Shane) - indicating knowledge should be shared * Rick Buckman Coe - playing soulfully conscious music and setting the mood * Andrea Curtis & Adrian Sinclair - playing the roles of Zoncord Developers * Brennan Weuters - showing us the power of communal gardening and living (DIY baby!) * Kemp Edmonds - our fabulous MC for keeping all speakers on time and acting as Henry Lee (owner of the Our Town Cafe) - Our Town Cafe (for the awesome space), Mainly Main Mag (for the Promo), East of Main, Yelp Vancouver and Welcome2EastVan for the prizes (Who would have known there were EastVan branded condoms!)

+ @LinziMG - thank you for all your help! We couldn't have pulled off all the logistical items without your amazing skillzzz...

LOOK OUT FOR VOLUME 3 Coming to an independent cafe / restaurant near you soon :) + Vol. 2.5: we're hoping to getting a tour of Brennan's communal house + getting our hands dirty in his garden!

+ HAVE A SUGGESTION on a location, speakers or wanna help out? Shoot me an email (ajay at

Until next time don't forget to spread the East Van Love ~

Ajay Masala Puri

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ps: don't forget to watch the NFB's documentary on Whistling Smith (retired beat cop who worked in the DTES back in the 70's)!

AuthorWells Stringham

The moment West Coasters have been waiting for... SNOW! Despite us loving the rain and the temperate climate, all the skiers and boarders out West wait all Fall for the start of another season. And this one is looking like it will be a great one.

Vancouver's 3 local ski mountains are opening EARLY this year, almost record breaking start times for all of them. Cypress and Grouse have both opened Today, November 13, 2009 and Seymour will be opening next Friday Nov.20.

In terms of base, not bad for a early start (as of November 13, 2009):

  1. Cypress:    91cm (mid mtn)
  2. Seymour:   70 cm
  3. Grouse:      65cm

And it seems this all just happened as 15cm+ of FRESH snow just came last night!

In regards to Whistler Blackcomb, conditions are also great 100cm base) and they are having an early opening tomorrow Saturday November 14, 2009! Watch video for sneak peek.

NOTE: Grouse and Seymour are UNAFFECTED by the Olympic games in terms of closures, but Cypress is heavily closed. Be sure to check their websites for further updates as there may be crowds.

So be sure to get out your skiis and boards, and come join East of Main on the slopes!

courtesy: Cypress Mtn

AuthorWells Stringham

Be Proud to be Canadian. Not because of the actions our political leaders are taking but because of fellow Canadians who've taken action. While Harper is having back-door dealings to further expand the tar sands, eating donuts + is trying to lead the anti-Kyoto movement at the UN talks, ordinary Canadians (thousands upon thousands) joined the international rallying for climate action.

Saturday Oct. 24th 2009, the world saw the largest day of action ever, part of the | campaign for climate action.

According to the organizers, Canada had the second highest number of events in all of the world. Around Canada there were hundreds of events including the one our colleagues organized in Ottawa - where 2000+ came out.

Be Proud to be an East Van'ner.

The largest event in Canada was held in Vancouver, where over 6000 rallied in the green movement (marching from Cambie Bridge over to Science World for an all-day long celebration filled with music, food, and an eco-fair | Full Details).


Our political leaders have no choice but to listen to the 10,000+ voices of Canadians:

B2CP Rally on Cambie Bridge - Oct. 24 Day of Action

B2CP Rally on Cambie Bridge - Oct. 24 Day of Action. Photo Credit: Milena Salazar

Canadians Care - Climate Action NOW!

'Hand'-painted sign by elementary school children was dropped from side of Cambie Bridge, while thousands gathered for rally in Vancouver 'Hand'-painted sign by elementary school children was dropped from side of Cambie Bridge, while thousands gathered for rally in Vancouver photo credit: John Costelo

'Hot Salsa, Cool Planet' Organizers rallied Vancouverites into 350 shape

'Hot Salsa, Cool Planet' Organizers rallied Vancouverites into 350 shape

photo credit: Erica Stahl

Here are some more photos taken by David T Wong with UrbanTreeFrog and on Flickr


The event also made ALL top headlines in local, national, international (NY Times, CNN, BBC) and ethnic news: CTV BC | CTV National | Ethnic Media: RJ1200 + Sing Tao + Ming Pao

350 Around the world people mobilized for the environment. Check out photos and stories of the 5000+ events that were organized world-wide: | in Vancouver


The event was an outstanding success because of all you.

Let's ensure Harper and our political leaders know we want a bold and binding climate action agreement signed in Copenhagen this December ( Kyoto+ is a good example). Help us keep the momentum going. JOIN THE B2CP movement,

sign on at: Bridge to a Cool Planet

With hope,

Ajay Puri Co-Founder + Online | Ethnic | Media Co-Coordinator, Bridge to a Cool Planet ps: here's a GREAT VIDEO of the event

I'm with Lorien Henson & Scott Andrews, key organizers of B2CP - acting goofy on the bridge!

AuthorWells Stringham
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