The first ever public debate between presidential elects John McCain and Barack Obama hasn't even started and it seems like Obama is leading his chariot across the finish line a lot faster. Today Wednesday September 23, 2008 Both McCain and Obama issued a joint statement in response to Bush's state address regarding the economic US crisis. However, in desperation McCain announced that he will also halt his election campaign and back out of the debate on Friday. Instead of showing leadership and courage to move forward for his countrymen he halts campaigning and only can handle a vote.

Obama on the other hand has stepped up and not only committed to vote on the bill to save the economy but also showed he can multitask and continue his campaign as its important for the country's future. Unfortunately it seems that McCain is scared as he's part of the Bush's Republican party, who are one of the main reasons for this crisis and that McCain feels this will be his weakness for the debate coming up this Friday (as the party could have stopped Alan Greenspan, Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae from giving out these poor thought out sub-prime loans).

So point to Obama for steeping up to the challenge!

Let's hope McCain doesn't dig a deeper hole for himself and actually shows up at the debate on Friday.

For latest coverage on this check out CNN's Election Centre page.

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AuthorWells Stringham