Canadians for Obama - CTV spokesmen, Dr. Clement Apaak and Ajay Puri, discussed their excitement and also other progressive Canadians joy of having Barack Obama choosing Canada to be his first formal visiting country. The date hasn't been set yet for the visit to Ottawa, but when Mr Harper and President elect Obama do meet, expectations are high for these two North American leaders to set a progressive agenda. East of Main hopes that progressive issues relating to the helping the working class during this economic recession, investing in alternative energies and solving climate change, pulling troops out of Iraq and assisting those individuals in wor-torn areas including places like Palestine, Sri Lanka, and Darfur , and the immediate closure of Guantanamo Bay.

Dr. Apaak also wants to send a message to Sen. Obama "he must come visit the West Coast, Vancouverites have a lot of progressive ideas to offer to this President-elect!"

More information on the interview including video can be found at CTV's website:

CTV British Columbia

Dr. Apaak along with is co-organizers are planning a huge victory celebration party for Obama in Vancouver on January 23, 2009 at the Wisehall. For further information click on the link below:

Obama Inauguration Celebration 2009

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