Holy Moly what an event - we had over 150 east van lovers come through at our #eastvanlove tweetup!Check out #eastvanlove via our Flickr Pool [Thx to John Biehler, Jeremy Lim, HNBD, Sean Stiller] #eastvanlove

photo credit: John Biehler

Check out #eastvanlove in the MEDIA [Georgia Straight]!

MAD PROPS to all you east van lovers who made it such a fun night!!

+ DID YOU KNOW - you all tweeted so much #eastvanlove trended #1 in Canada!!

Special thanks to our speakers + sponsors: * Shane Gibson (and Audience Shane) - indicating knowledge should be shared * Rick Buckman Coe - playing soulfully conscious music and setting the mood * Andrea Curtis & Adrian Sinclair - playing the roles of Zoncord Developers * Brennan Weuters - showing us the power of communal gardening and living (DIY baby!) * Kemp Edmonds - our fabulous MC for keeping all speakers on time and acting as Henry Lee (owner of the Our Town Cafe) - Our Town Cafe (for the awesome space), Mainly Main Mag (for the Promo), East of Main, Yelp Vancouver and Welcome2EastVan for the prizes (Who would have known there were EastVan branded condoms!)

+ @LinziMG - thank you for all your help! We couldn't have pulled off all the logistical items without your amazing skillzzz...

LOOK OUT FOR VOLUME 3 Coming to an independent cafe / restaurant near you soon :) + Vol. 2.5: we're hoping to getting a tour of Brennan's communal house + getting our hands dirty in his garden!

+ HAVE A SUGGESTION on a location, speakers or wanna help out? Shoot me an email (ajay at eastofmain.com).

Until next time don't forget to spread the East Van Love ~

Ajay Masala Puri

on behalf of Team Awesome: Cyndi, Linzi and Kris Find us on twitter: @EASTVANCITY @masalapuri | @yelp_vancouver | @linzimg | @kk Sponsored by: East of Main, Yelp, Welcome To East Van, Mainly Main Magazine

ps: don't forget to watch the NFB's documentary on Whistling Smith (retired beat cop who worked in the DTES back in the 70's)!

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