Food in your Community March 22, 2012 Hai Phong 1246 Kingsway, Vancouver GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

What is #EastVanLove vol.5 about?

Among food carts and fine dining, many of us overlook the delectable culinary gems hidden in our own neighbourhood. On March 22nd, the fifth volume of the EastVanLove Tweetup is about “Food in Your Community”. After all, Vancouver is undoubtedly famous for its ethnic diversity, innovative cuisines, and strong West Coast tradition. Join EastVanLove as we explore the communities east of Main Street and discover a world of sustainability, urban farming, social dining, and collaborative food development.


What is #EastVanLove?

#EastVanLove is a hashtag that links like-minded tweets together on Twitter, and allows us to share information and to have conversations about our love for East Vancouver, its culture, and its community!

What is a tweetup?

A tweetup is an event where people who tweet come together to meet in person.

Who should attend?

Anyone who loves the East Vancouver community. (You don't necessarily have to live there. You just need to love it!)

Show your East Van Love by joining us on March 22nd!

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About Hai Phong

1246 Kingsway, Vancouver

Event Specials

  • Spring Rolls - $6 for 6 rolls
  • Salad Rolls / Tofu rolls - $5.50 for 2 rolls
  • Garlic Butter Chicken Wings -  $9.95 for 1 dozen
  • Pho Tai (rare beef) $7.50
  • Pho Tai Nam (rare beef + beef brisket)  $7.50
  • Pho Tai Bo Vien (rare beef + beef ball)  $7.50
  • Lemon Grass Chicken on Rice  $8.50
  • Grilled Pork Skewer, Spring Roll, And Shredded Pork With Vermicelli
  • Pop $1.75
  • Beer $4.00
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