2012 was a spectacular year for spreading #EastVanLove. We had 4 great events which focused on a variety of topics important to us. It was held at 4 amazing locations, with wonderful hosts, and amazing and passionate speakers.

Check it out:

  • EastVanLove 5.0 - Food - March 2012 at Hai Phong [VIDEO]
  • EastVanLove 6.0 - Social Innovation - May 2012 at Calabash [VIDEO]
  • EastVanLove 6.5 - Music (& meet the EVL team) - September 2012 at Toby's [VIDEO]
  • EastVanLove 7.0 - Giving Back - December 2012 at East of Main Cafe [link]

Recap of #EASTVANLOVE Volume 7.0 - Giving Back

On a wonderful December evening, EastVanLove 7.0 was held at East of Main Café. Attendees were invited to share a small part of their holiday season and give a part of their heart to a non-profit organization. Featured non-profits include Project Limelight Society, The Kindness Foundation, and more!

The cozy gathering featured delicious food and drink specials from East of Main Café. The attendees were asked, "Why do you give?" Many responded/tweeted back their reasons.

"Why give? I give because I care. #EastVanLove" - @irvlau

"The earth and community need us. That's why I give. #EastVanLove" - @masalapuri

"Why give? Because we have all received. It is our responsibility to give back to one another and the earth. #eastvanlove" - @sandragarcia_pr

"@eastofMAINcafe givers gain. #EastVanLove" - @dennispang
"I like giving when it gets passed on and becomes a renewable resource #eastvanlove #EVL7" - @ethicalhustle
"Why I want to give: the more we pass on, the more we grow and help others grow. #interdependence #EVL7 #EastVanLove" - @sengsuriya
"Why give? share. And a Better understanding about the ppl around us. #eastvanlove" - @danixlim
"Giving is the mark of real humanity. #eastvanlove" - @englishcanuck
"I give to connect with people. We often take this simple, selfless act for granted. Sometimes, it OK to think with your heart. #EastVanLove" - @brendenchu

Brock Tully, from The Kindness Foundation, shared how kindness offers a sense of community. He mentioned that volunteering is giving from the heart. He was inspired to start the Kindness Concert after seeing the disconnected communities.

The second speaker, Helen Beyon, from Evergreen BC, showed us how Evergreen is great green initiative. Their initiative is to bring communities and nature together for the benefit of both and to create environmentally sustainable cities.

Next, Maureen Webb from Project Limelight Society and East of Main Café took the stage. The mandate for this restaurant is one of the reasons why customers love this place and recommend it to their friends. Project Limelight provides with healthy meals and snacks to their young participants. It is a free performing arts program for children in Vancouver's DTES and surrounding areas. Maureen teaches us that bravery, enthusiasm, and confidence is contagious.

Maureen then welcomed the Project Limelight students onto the stage. The students gave an amazing and heartwarming performance to the crowd.

After the performance was done, Brock Tully surprised the girls and told them that they will be performers for this year's Kindness Concert. Wow! Amazing!

Finally, everyone was encouraged to give back as part of #GiveYourHeart. They were instructed to jot down what they are willing to give on one side of the heart and on the other side, their contact info. After completing the hearts, they were posted on the wall. As the night wore on, more and more hearts filled the wall up.

For anyone that has completed the #GiveYourHeart tasks, they are rewarded wonderfully comfortable and light shoes from Native Shoes.

As 2012 was a wonderful year for spreading #EastVanLove, we look forward to spreading more for 2013!!

AuthorWells Stringham