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Next Tweetup + 10 minute Video of East Van

1. Mid-June we'll be hosting the EastVanLove Tweetup Vol. 3 (just in time for Main St / Commercial Drive Car-free day celebrations June 18). If you have ideas for speakers or entertainment please email us as we'd love to have you or your nominees! [ajay at]

2. An amazing group of students from SFU documented our Eastvanlove Tweetup Vol. 2 and have placed their video on Youtube! Check it out and show them your eastvan love -

EastVanLove Vol. 2 [Video Report]

This is an crowd-sourced project so feel free to post your Video or Written feedback here or on youtube.

Background of Video:

This report looks at a SFU research group's study on fandom and social media in the context of East Van. This community is often characterized by their active ethnic communities, vibrant artistic presence, politically engaged youth, as well as their vocal sexual orientation and gender-identity groups. Communication technology has played a pivotal role in connecting individuals living in the East Van - as well as fans of the neighbourhood.

Five SFU students were interested in finding out how fans of particular communities such as East Van use social media to build online communities and create networking relationships. They attended the second #EastVanLove Tweetup in March 2011.

Through qualitative interviews and quantitative findings (survey with 129 respondents) the researchers found social media are creating a more cohesive real communities that are being socially constructed online and offline through active participation in fan devotion and visibility.

Research Team: Kay, Angela, Jessie, Kirsten, Sarah

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