by: Ajay Puri Vancouver is full of diverse cultures. According to the latest census numbers ~40% of our city self-identifies as a Visible Minority status.

So of course you overhear funny but awkward translations. For instance, the following are Hindi / Farsi pairings:

  • Kheer
  • Khoon
  • Saag

Kheer - When I was going to my Iranian friends house for dinner I asked if I should bring anything? My friend said I should bring a desert. I offered to bring a famous Indian rice pudding called Kheer. My friend burst out laughing and even harder when I told her I love eating it. Keer in Farsi its means penis.

Khoon - In Hindi means blood and in Farsi (Kuhn) means bum

Saag - When my Iranian friend's family eat an Indian restaurant they always humour themselves as they love ordering Saag Paneer (an Indian cheese with spinach dish). Saag in Farsi means dog.

Have an interesting translation from one language to another? Let East of Main know and we'll post it!

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