UPDATE January 13, 2009

In 17 days 919 Palestinians killed by Israel including 284 children & 100 women, 4260 injured

UPDATE January 7, 2009:

  • CEASEFIRE talks are finally being considered by Israel - there is hope but offensive on Gaza still in full-force [BBC]
  • Estimated Death toll: 683 Palestinians since Israel offensive began (December 27, 2008). 7 Israeli soldiers have also died. [BBC]
  • Estimated Injured: 3,085 Palestinians
  • 3 UN-sponsored schools in Gaza have now been hit, with at least 45 dead [Manila Bulletin]
  • Canada plans to provide $4 million in humanitarian relief to Gaza - 3 million go to the UN Relief and Works Agency and 1 million to Red Cross [CBC Radio | China News]

Israel intensifies attack in Gaza, while Rally for Gaza goes on despite continued snowstorm in Vancouver

Israeli sends ground troops into Gaza

Smoke rises over the main Hamas security complex following an Israel air strike in Gaza.
Smoke rises over the main Hamas security complex following an Israel air strike in Gaza [Reuters]

Israeli forces have intensified their presence in the Gaza: in addition to the week of bombing, today they have started to move in their ground forces. 10,000 soldiers also await at the Gaza/Israel border.  Many causalities have already occurred and will continue to happen (latest figures estimate more than 500 civilian deaths).

Hope and progress are now farther from reach for 1.5 million Palestinians who are suffering and living in fear.

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Rally For Gaza in Vancouver

New Video just posted


YVR_Gaza_ProtestPosteryvrsnow_20090103Supporters hope their message will reach the Canadian government [News1130] Sources: Salimah Ebrahim, News1130, Facebook Event page

The onslaught of the snow bombing Vancouver didn't deter protesters to rally in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery today.

More information can be found at the Facebook Event page. According to the event page 1000+ were planning to attend the event, and estimates indicate 500+ braved the poor snowy conditions.

People of the world rally for peace in the Middle East

Progressive Israelis rally against the assault on Gaza [AFP]

Progressive Israelis rally against the assault on Gaza [AFP]

Huge rallies by progressive citizens and groups across the world today have been held. BBC reports rallies of tens of thousands are being held in Europe London (15,000+), Paris, Spain, Germany, Rome, Athens, also in many cities Asia; and here in North America as well - Toronto (2000+), Montreal (2000+), Ottawa (1000+), Vancouver, Winnipeg, New York, Miami, San Francisco, following similar events in parts of the Muslim world (Indonesia, Egypt etc).

At these rallies, shoe-throwing has become a popularized gesture of protest and contempt against Israel since an Iraqi journalist tossed his pair of brogues at U.S. President George W. Bush in Baghdad last month.

Citizens around the world are urging the Israeli government to stop the unjust attack and are hoping negotiations can start soon for a proper ceasefire agreement and assistance to the Palestinian people.

World powers condemn attacks

France, UN, Spain and many other international groups have condemned Israel from using this further force - but this has not deterred the Israelis. This attack is planned to last for days until Israeli forces are able to destroy the all the physical infrastructure and take control of the open spaces in the Gaza. Unfortunately, the Canadian and US governments are still supportive of the attacks.

A non-violent solution is needed immediately before attacks further escalate.

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