Kiosk Live in Vancouver; November 30, 2008 Global Zoo [Baghe e Vahsh e Jahani] Tour Richards on Richards November 30, 2008

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Had the fortunate chance to see the amazing Iranian Rock band, Kiosk, tonight. The show was simply amazing.

I haven't been to Richards on Richards in quite some time, probably since my early twenties and certainly not on a Sunday; but when I was invited to hear a gypsy band singing in Farsi was quite intrigued. As I walked into the night club I saw a sea of stylish and beautiful Iranian fans all over the club. Most were hip students or well dressed youth but there was also many middle aged and older couples excited to see this traditional yet contemporary band play.

Kiosk I should mention is a six-member Iranian Rock band based in Tehran. To learn more about them I highly suggest their website or Wikipedia. But I wouldn't just label them as a Rock band - after hearing them play I would certainly say they blend in some Blues, Jazz, Traditional Farsi Music and with their new album Global Zoo they have also mixed in Gypsy Folk. This is certainly shown as they have 4 guitarists (Arash Sobhani, Ali Kamali, Anoush Khazeni, and Babak Khiavchi), a keyboard player (Ardalan Payvar) and a drummer (Shahrooz Molaei). This has helped them create such a unique eclectic sound. And even though I couldn't understand the lyrics as it was all sung in Farsi the beat was mesmerizing and rhythmic.  As the night went on, the fans became increasingly crazy as they sang along louder and louder, rocked their heads back and forth faster and faster and even participated in the party train dance [note: this extra excitement could have been because the lead singer, Arash Sobhani, challenged the crowd in saying that they were so much more tame than his LA crowd!].

Click below to see to one of their popular music videos, eshgh e sor'at [Need for speed], which on YouTube has over 450,000 hits! It is an interesting video as it follows the lyrics through the people of Tehran:


Next time their in town I highly suggest seeing them live, the show will definitely captivate you. Rock on Tehran!

What is a Kiosk? According to Wikipedia, a Kiosk is a separated garden pavilion open on some or all sides1. They were common in Persia, India, Pakistan, and in the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century onward.

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