Vancouver - The movement tonight was tremendous; more than 1500 people came out to Canada Place in trying to build up the grassroots and unite the centre, centre-left and left spectrum.

Video: Vancouverites Rally for a Progressive Coalition (courtesy of Evan Leeson)

Photo courtesy of Ric Ernst

The rally was organized by the Make Parliament Work | Canadian Labour Congress who had line up some great speakers including Heather Deal, Herb Dhaliwal, Peter Julian and great up-beat live entertainment. Added to this, amongst the crowds were many other supporters including top Liberal staffers and members, NDPers, and also many non-partisan people and groups such as the Canadians for a Progressive Coalition (which hosted a nation-wide vigil tonight to mourn the loss of democracy but also lighting hope for the future).

Despite this positive energy it has to be put into context. With Harper shutting down democracy earlier today and not allowing progress to happen, the next one week will be hard as all us pro-coalition organizers. Feeling drained and at a loss are common themes. But it'll give us time to heal and reflect on how historic this movement has been thus far and where we need to go.

Would love your commentary, reflections and ideas.

AuthorWells Stringham