Piper Davis @ The Bourbon. Photo by TheFuturists.ca Friday was another busy day for East of Main at the Olio Festival - 4 venues, 5 shows. Thoroughly enjoyable and whoever's in charge of this fest was wise to put all this stuff close by together. By bike, it was a breeze to get around.

Apollo Ghosts - Friday @ Anza Club

Wasn't really sure what to expect from this set. Like many of the other Olio shows, the crowd was small, but intimate and the show was slow to get started. This one's energy didn't kick in for a while.  But once it did, we were carrying around the singer on our arms (like a crowdsurf minus a huge crowd) and doing a huge bonga-line all around the floor. This group's brand of indie rock is infectious, you can tell they're not trying very hard, just being themselves and enjoying playing for others. Check out Apollo Ghosts on Myspace

Jesse Matheson & The Midnight Snacks - Friday @ The Woods

Once again, showed up to find the place virtually empty. Some more folks filtered in after I came, but it was a small group. Based on their kind of raunchy songs I heard on the interwebs, I was expecting Jesse Matheson to be a little more raucous, but the band did their best with the crowd on hand. They even tried to get some dude they knew to dance, but he was much too cool for it. Nice venue still - way better than its previous incarnation aka No Tofu. Love the rooftop 'patio' in particular. Hear some songs by Jesse Matheson on Myspace.

[TO BE POSTED] Gang Violence - Friday @ Biltmore Cabaret

[TO BE POSTED] Sex Attack - Friday @ Astoria Hotel

[SADLY MISSED] 4 Korners @ Fortune Sound Club, Short films & Shoe Show @ Grace Gallery

[Ed. - The above is Friday's Oliofest events only. Wow, so much more Olio fun took place on Thursday (check out our post on Thursday Olio Festival events) / Saturday / Sunday - Andriy]

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