Piper Davis @ The Bourbon. Photo by TheFuturists.ca Thanks to the folks who organized Olio Fest - a great way to showcase the amazing talent we have in this city. Vancouver is not the easiest city for live music and alternative venues. It can be real easy to bitch about as 'no fun city', but then something like Olio comes along to show us it's not bad at all, you just have to dig a little harder perhaps. $25 for a festival pass was a reasonable price; I certainly got lots of mileage out of mine. If you can make it to the closing party at Venue tonight, it promises to be fun fun fun. Here are some impressions about the acts so far:

The fest started with some free, all-ages outdoor music and art in Gastown. Unfortunately, this kind of got rained out and not that many people were there. It was still nice to color in the humongous MJ portrait with markers and chat to the peeps that brought Michael there. Made me look forward to my MJ 2-month wake later this month. RIP!

The SSRIs - Thursday @ Funky Winkerbeans

I had high expectations for this show at Funky Winker show, with memories of these kids being pretty good when they played Pat's Pub some time back. The SSRIs didn't disappoint and played a really spirited punk set. The crowd packed in close and people did some great crazy dancing up front. Check them out on Myspace

Piper Davis - Thursday @ The Bourbon

I've loved Piper Davis tunes since the first time I heard them. Never managed to get to a show of hers before this though. It was pretty good times, hearing "Academics" in particular. Too bad the Bourbon crowd didn't get dancey for this; it was pretty much myself and two of her co-workers up front going crazy dancing away. The $5 I doled out for her EP was totally worth it, given how many plays I've already gotten out of her tracks that I pilfered from Myspace. Piper told me there's a new album on the way - can't wait! Listen to her tunes - Piper Davis Myspace page

Fine Mist - Thursday @ Red Room

This is a cool duo whose music is a little hard describe. My friend called it 'New New Wave'. To me, it was reminiscent of early Madonna (I love early Madonna). If you're into 80s synth pop, you will love these two. Even though there was a fairly small crowd at the Red Room, Fine Mist got us huddled close for some singing and dancing. The amazing golden lasers made it all that much better. Fine Mist on Myspace

Sex With Strangers - Thursday @ The Lamplighter

Sex With Strangers always amazes. I love their frontman and his frequent forays to dance in the crowd, also their tunes about robots. This was the best way to wrap up Day 1 of Olio, people actually danced danced danced at this show. Even with fewer people in a smaller venue, I say this was even more fun than their show at Biltmore for Juno Fest. Sex With Strangers on Myspace

16 MM - Thursday @ Lamplighter > 16MM sounds awesome, but I keep just missing their shows by a few minutes. Maybe next time ...

[Ed. - The above is Thursday's events only. Wow, so much more Olio fun took place on Fri/Sat/Sun, to be posted shortly ... - Andriy]

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