East of Main recently posted a story on how a progressive coalition is needed at the Federal level here in Canada. I can't emphasize this enough so I thought of posting on this topic again - but from the angle of how and when to do it. After reading Scott Reid's piece in the Globe and Mail, there's no choice - the Opposition has to be ruthless and swift in ousting Harper. He is brutally honest and blunt, and I have to admit I was completely shocked he said these things publicly. But then I let it sit like a good wine on my palate and started to savor the words of the possible outcome of a 'PROGRESSIVE COALITION' in the method he has laid out. Talks have started but Scott's right - the opposition parties have to come together immediately. It's possibly the first time ever we see Harper this weak and vulnerable and we need to take him out before he can fight back. No need to think twice about this - we need to show Canadians the strengths of this coalition, this is the only way we can take back our country.

And with all this recent progress in North American politics, Obama taking back the reigns in the US and for us here in Vancouver with Vision / COPE uniting to win back all four levels of city politics, it's now time for progressive change at the Federal level. YES WE CAN.

I say we start planning the celebration on December 8th. Who's in?

AuthorWells Stringham