Israel's continuous attacks on Gaza has sparked worldwide anti-war demonstrations, with tens of thousands of people joining rallies in the across Canada, US, Europe, Middle East. BBC has posted a photo-pedium worth reviewing.

Rally for Gaza - Paris

East of Main just received notice from Harsha Walia, a key organizer for the Vancouver rallies for Gaza, that this upcoming

Saturday Jan 10, 2009 @ 1 pm there will be the next Rally Location: Vancouver Art Gallery

Please come and show your support for the people of Palestine

Rally For Gaza


Nearly 1000 people have came out in the midst of snowstorms on Monday Dec 29th and January 3rd to show our solidarity with the people of Gaza. With the ground invasion starting this week and a growing number of fatalities, our ongoing support for the people of Palestine - along with millions of other people of conscience worldwide - is critical.Demonstrations across Canada this weekend were held in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Windsor, London, Hamilton, as well as Montreal and Toronto where 10,000 people gathered in each city. With further actions being planned globally, please come out for a 3rd rally (rain, snow or shine!) to demonstrate your outrage and our collective humanity in response to the latest massacre of Palestinians.For further information refer to the Vancouver Rally for Gaza Facebook event page or email the organizers
AuthorWells Stringham