Are you into dance / electronica / nu disco? Well then, I would like to introduce you to Pat Lok. Pat spins nu disco and electronica on Thursdays and Saturdays at Shine. If you haven't already, come by there for some great dancing. Or download his mixes [FREE!] from I've heard Pat spin lots over the last few months, and I like the music more and more each time. Pat's genres are really in tune with what I like ... it's hard to explain exactly what that is, but it has a lot of synth, very catchy dancy beats, people singing in high key, all permeated with that lovely 80s Madonna feeling. + a dash of Care Bears.

Pat Lok's new mix called Cotton Candy is really fantastic. I've heard it a number of times by now. The first time I listened, I loved that it was pretty much half tracks I already couldn't get enough of before and the other half new ones that I had not discovered yet. It's like he got inside my head and found just about all my musical obsessions and then mashed it all up. The hour-long mix starts off with a neat little piano-driven beat and builds from there ...

Some standouts on here are PNAU and Empire of the Sun (they feed nicely into each other on the mix, just like the acts did in real life). "Walking on a Dream" has got to be one of the catchiest, funnest tracks of 2009 and the remix version here rocks! Then there's fantastic offerings from The Knocks, N.A.S.A and Amanda Blank - beats I have been obsessed with for a long time. The tail end of the mix was mostly new territory for me, artists I haven't heard (or heard of) before, but the sound fit well with the earlier songs and carried that lovely fuzzy cheezy dancy feeling further.

You could say the real talent here is the transitions. Each track only plays for a minute or two, but the one following complements it really well and Pat's transitions are butter-smooth. So the fact you're moving around from track to track is hardly noticeable. You're just aware of being inside one huge sappy dancefest and you can't help but move your feet ... or at least your head (when listening at work).

Good work and can't wait for the next mix!

Full track list for Cotton Candy: Pat Lok – Babybot Piano Intro PNAU – Baby (Breakbot) Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (ODahl) Priors – What You Need (DCUP) Jupiter – Starlighter FM Attack – Yesterday ZZZ – Lion (Bag Raiders) DVAS – Inner Sanctum Amanda Blank vs VEGA – No Reasons To Like You Better (Hood Internet) The Knocks – Can’t Shake Your Love Chew Lips – Salt Air (Jupiter) Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife on the Black Market (DCUP) Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam) Mimo – Running Out (Vega Dub) Empire of the Sun vs Sneaky Sound System – Standing on the Shore I Love (pat lok sloppy sand edit) Theatre of Disco – YOA (The Twelves) Grafton Primary – I Can Cook (Miami Horror) Database – Must Be Love Groove Armada – Drop The Tough (The Twelves) Play Paul – Spaced Out 2 Killa Kela – Everyday (LifeLike) Edwin van Cleef – I Want U (Justin Faust) Xinobi – Diamonds & Rings N.A.S.A. – Gifted (Aston Shuffle) Classixx – I’ll Get You (Royal Rumble) Nightriders – End of Time (Xinobi) Paul – B2Luv

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