Rubber Film ReviewRubber. Film Review by Andriy Mishchenko
Thursday Oct. 14, 9:30pm @ Granville 7 VIFF Blurb & Buy Tickets

Rubber, as you may have heard, is a horror flick with a telekinetic car tire in its lead role. It's also a sometimes hilarious examination of the movie-making process and where the audience and suspense of disbelief fits in. It must be said that it is fun to see stuff viciously blown up by Robert the tire ... but only the first once or twice. The rest of the film might make you a bit tired of said explosions and the po-mo campus humour style (think Superbad, but not quite as funny). Still, nobody expects this to take itself very seriously. Rubber delivers - as promised - on the novelty factor and some cheap laughs. VIFF put most of the screenings later in the evening which works since this is sort of a movie that's good to drink beforehand then kick back and let the silliness ensue.

Verdict: Somewhere Between Recommended and Meh

AuthorWells Stringham