January 5th, 2009 UPDATE: Ok I'm stuck at home working today. I don't mind it as it would have taken at least 2-3x longer to get to my work. Thankfully I have VPN. But I was taking to my colleagues and it took them up to 1.5 hours for their commute which usually takes 30min. And my current boss is stuck in Penticton! He was to come Sunday but is now on house arrest till Wednesday. What are British Columbians to do? I really hope the snow melts away fully today (it is slowly doing so), if not- as Frances Bula mentions, we're in trouble... Help us Raymond Louie!

January 4th, 2009 UPDATE:  Another 15 cm of snow dumped on Vancouver  Sunday.

INTERESTING FACT: Frances Bula reports in 2008, the City spent nearly $940,000 for snow removal (this was spent on the City's only 47 trucks with ploughing and salting attachments). This was ~$200,000 more than expected due to all that extra white powder we received.

I highly suggest reading her commentary as she discusses why the side streets haven't been ploughed as well as the main streets.

My only comments are

(a) it was surprising to hear that only 4 people called the City to complain about the snow on the side streets (as if anyone who walks around the streets will know there's a lot snow!); but more importantly

(b) that when the side streets were attempted to be cleaned in 1993, residents complained about the noise the trucks made!

What is a mayor and council to do!?

Jan. 3, 2009 UPDATE: More snow continues to fall Saturday; an  estimated snowfall of 10-15 cm. Residents ask when will it stop?

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Main St at Broadway - December 24, 2008

Snowfall Record in Vancouver

The end of December in Vancouver has not seen this much white powder in years. As of Wednesday morning, the accumulated total had hit a whopping 62 cm with more still to fall (and make no mistake all you East Coast readers, it's 62 not 6.2!). That's almost 4x as much as the 16 cm that falls on an average this month.

This Dec. 25th will rank as the Christmas Day with the most snow on the ground ever in Vancouver – the previous record was 17.5 cm.

A heartfelt thank you to all Translink bus drivers

I tried my best to commute to work this morning (I know, working on Xmas eve is hardcore). I don't have any winter boots but fortunately I found my ski gloves, toque and my 'Shaw' endorsed water-resistant jacket. I slipped and slid my way to the bus stop which was fortunately the 99 stop at Main and Broadway. And to my surprise,  the accordion style bus came within 15 minutes and not fully loaded (which is impressive considering the amount of snow on the ground and falling at the same time this morning added to how the trolley buses were not working).

I boarded and was amazed at all the others on the bus: many wore whatever they could find at home an older gentleman wore one red and one black glove and a a woman was complaining about how she tried to waterproof her shoes with a special spray (but as you could tell from her wet shoes, it didn't stop her feet from getting soaked).

And my connecter the 98 bus also came within moments (it must have been my lucky day as the day before it took 1.5 hours for me to commute what usually takes me 30 min). After reaching work it was very difficult to focus on the work at hand as the window beside my cubicle you could just see the snow dumping down and various daring drivers trying to ambitiously get around.

But I must commend all the bus drivers who came to work today and helped all of us crazy folk trying to get around. For you, a thousand times over, I thank you!

Snowy Photos competition and stories

Please send in your photos either as comments or via email to East of Main and we'll put them up!

In addition, if you have some amazing stories of how the snow either positively or negatively effected you over the past little while - we'd love it for you to share it!

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