After a long 6 and a half years the newly erected complex at 1 Kingsway is opening its doors tomorrow Friday December 11, 2009. East of Main heard the news this afternoon from the VPL Twitter feed [Thank you!]. For the neighbourhood and I'm sure for the tenants it was a long awaited wait - as it was planned to open more than two years ago but had been delayed numerous times. To learn more on the background and evolution of the facility the City of Vancouver site has all the information.

What is 1 Kingsway? It is a brand new facility on land that the City of Vancouver purchased in September 2001 and will feature a new $4.75 million community centre, library, day care (which opened last week), rental housing, and underground parking. For further information and updates click here.

Photo Credit: City of Vancouver

Questions still left answered: 1. What will happen to the old Mount Pleasant Community Centre at roughly Main & 16th? and to the outdoor pool that many residents and children in the neighbourhood have fond memories? 2.  What is the plans for the Rental Housing? How much will it be rented out for?

We'd love to hear from you if you know anything on these two items or have other comments / suggestions to this development.

We at East of Main are excited on this new addition to the neighbourhood and hope the City continues to service the diverse needs of our East Vancouver community!

AuthorWells Stringham