The Tree. Movie Review by Andriy Mishchenko
Thursday Oct. 14, 3:30pm @ Granville 7 (VISA Screening Room) VIFF Blurb & Buy Tickets

The Tree Review

Director Julie Bertucelli has taken a bit of a step back since 2003's Since Otar Left. In this predictable production, Charlotte Gainsbourg puts in a strong performance, but she's swimming upstream. The characters' names and minutae of the plot might be different, but The Tree is another big-market "sensitive drama" of the kind we're pretty familiar with already. The movie is full of cliched drama devices which you'll recognize from other such titles. When gentle Hollywood-y strum chords set in, it's time to feel sad. A rear-view mirror shot of sleeping children is a moment of hope. The nature-gone-haywire subplot imparts a kind of M. Night Shyamalan sense of mystery. And so on. Still, there's really not a whole lot to dislike here, it just feels like I've already seen this before I stepped foot in the theatre.

Verdict: Just OK

AuthorWells Stringham