Here are some reasons I've compiled from various sources on why Mr. Harper should do the right thing and resign as he is completely out of touch with Canadians and what is good for this country: Poor Leadership

  • He controls his Conservative cabinet ministers and MPS from saying what they would like. There is good reason as some of them are quite the loose cannons - but having that tight control over his team just shows the lack of leadership and trust he has in his team. Don't believe me, try to name 5 MPs the Conservatives have in cabinet currently - see it's difficult to do!

International Disaster

  • China. Harper has avoided talks with China in terms of unjustices against Tibet, but also in terms of trade (as China is one of our key trading partners, especially now when the US is going into recession). This has destroyed 50 years of relationships with the country
  • USA. Harper has aligned our country with the US in this competition for scarce energy resources.
  • Harper has taken several steps to bring Canadian economic, climate-change, and military policies in line with the debt-saddled superpower to the south. and as the Georgia Straight mentions Last February, for instance, the Harper government quietly signed a deal with the Bush administration to permit U.S. troops to enter this country in an emergency.
  • Harper has supported and encouraged the Security and Prosperity Partnership with the United States and Mexico - this is a deadly deal which will reduce our sovereignty as a nation but also each of us individually (i.e., reducing our human rights).
  • Afghanistan. Harper extended Canadian combat operations in southern Afghanistan to 2011. In addition, a recent report shows the cost to be more than double what Harper has projected (to $22 billion!).
  • Foreign Aid. Harper’s refusal to support the United Nations goal of having developed countries donate 0.7 percent of their national incomes to international development.


  • Harper is the son of a former Imperial Oil executive and had worked for them as well.

Destroying the Environment

  • Described the Kyoto Protocol to limit greenhouse gases as “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations”. His policy for trying to reduce greenhouse gases (setting intensity levels) has been proven not work in other parts of the world.
  • At the Bali climate conference last year, the Conservative government opposed efforts by the European Union to reduce emissions by 25 to 40 percent by 2020.
  • Fast tracked Exxon Mobile's bid to open a new tar sand recently in Alberta (instead of the regular process of reviewing the environmental and economic impact of starting a new tar sand which takes several months, Harper somehow approved Exxon on getting the approval in a week!)

Will Increase Spending on Imprisoning People Not Helping Them

  • Misleading use of crime statistics to make Canada appear less safe than it is (statistics actually shows crime going down in Canada).
  • Harper has also committed to increase sentencing to children (14-18 year olds) which only burdens the system more with building more jails and not getting to the roots of the problems

Poor Economics

  • Broken promise which he indicated that he would not tax income trusts but he did
  • Reducing the GST from 7% to 5% - which many economists say was the wrong thing to do (as that is lost income for the government)
  • Harper presiding over declines in Canadian productivity

Cuts to Health, Arts and Social Services

  • Harper’s abandonment of agreements with the provinces that would have created more daycare spaces
  • Harper's decision to appeal a B.C. Supreme Court ruling which favoured  Vancouver’s supervised-injection site
  • Harper’s stacking of a stem-cell advisory panel with opponents of embryonic stem-cell research
  • Harper’s $45-million cuts to the arts;

Not Supporting First Nations Communities

  • Harper voted against the Kelowna Accord - which sought to improve the education, employment, and living conditions for Aboriginal peoples through governmental funding and other programs.

Sources: The Georgia Straight, CBC, Wikipedia

AuthorWells Stringham