So we thought of adding this section as we thought the best way of describing  'East of Main' is through everyday stories. Here are some ideas we have BUT please feel free to post yours as well:

  • You know where to get the special late nite 'bubble tea' near to Granville/Davie
  • You can projectile your bubble tea bubbles 10 feet or more (By the way, this will be part of the Main St. Olympics which will be held part of the Main Street days in Summer 2009)!
  • You see hipsters jumping the sandwich sign boards along main street in their tight ass jeans!
  • You steal a vintage brown leather purse from Value Village (oh no, but it's so true - you know you've done something like this before!)
  • You can eat a hearty breakfast (i.e., 2 eggs anyway you like them, 2 toast with we think homemade peanut butter or Smucker's jam, fresh potato hash browns, and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage) to either to clog your arteries or quite healthily (eating no pig, basted eggs, and 'dry' bread) for under $3 (Kudos to Bon's Restaurant for this!)
  • You can see fancy baby clothing and toy stores, high-priced gentrifying restaurants, and new private dwelling developments are side-by-side by authentic ethnic restaurants and stores (the mom and pop type stores) - e.g., Kishu Sushi being cornered by Zocalo on the North and the Jacobsen showroom to the South on Main Broadway e.g., the new French-style restaurant near to a Pho restaurant close to Fraser and Kingsway
  • You see an older gentlemen with only an undershirt and using a towel to clean himself in front of other waiting passengers while at the bus stop in front of the Kingsgate Mall (wish we had the foto for this one - but it was indeed true!)

AuthorWells Stringham